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I'm Wesley Mead, a 26-year-old residing in Wiltshire, 
England. I'm married to the wonderful Choni, and am the 
proud half-owner of pet chinchilla Toothy.

I work in sales operations, marketing and business 
intelligence for SMS Curvature, and have A-Levels in
politics, computing and English literature.


I'm an avid pop culture junkie. In particular, I'm
interested in TV, film, home media, politics, the Internet, 
music and snooker. I spend most of my spare time
watching TV-on-DVD, listening to music and snuggling
up with Choni.

The main page has links to all you'll ever wish to know
about my likes and dislikes, but if you're extremely
lazy.. favourite TV shows are The Simpsons, Friday Night
Lights, ER, Frasier, King of the Hill, Seinfeld, Lost,
Breaking Bad, Monk, Community, Office, How I Met Your
Mother; favourite music includes Bruce Springsteen,
R.E.M., They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, The National,
Gaslight Anthem, Magnetic Fields, Billy Joel, Morrissey;
favourite movies include Clerks II, The Shawshank
Redemption, Take This Waltz, Toy Story 3, Grave of the
Fireflies, Matchstick Men, 12 Angry Men, Hoop Dreams.


I use Firefox and so should you!

I overuse preformatted text and appreciate understated
design. That explains the complete and utter lack of
effort that has gone into these webpages..

I support the UK Labour Party.

I have an unhealthy fascination with Otis the Aardvark.


Sites I highly recommend:
AV Club -- Mailbox (PText) -- TVShowsonDVD.com